Portable translation equipment for Churches

Church Translation Equipment

A typical Australian church is multicultural and has the need for some translation equipment.  We are often asked for rental and hire options for the equipment.  We offer a special annual lease deal for churches.

Multi-cultural and multi ethnic churches around Australia are a part of the trend for inclusion.

Church interpreter equipment cheap
Church Translation Equipment from Translationz

Wireless solutions

Our wireless translation equipment is suited to the church environment.  Many visitors to this page have been asked to research the different translation equipment options for their church.  Wireless provides portability and it makes it easy to use in your congregation.

Cheaper Second Hand

As one of the biggest translation and interpreting companies in Australia, we often renew our translation equipment and therefore we have second hand equipment for sale.  This equipment is significantly cheaper and as mentioned above, we provide a monthly lease gives you a worry free option.

Multiple Channels

When your membership requires more than one translation at a time, our equipment allows for multiple languages to be used across multiple channels.  The earpieces and the receivers are set on the different channel so that they only hear the language of the translator.

The image above shows a simple package for a smaller church.  It includes transmitters (2), receivers, microphones, earpieces and the charging case.

Instructions for our Mini translation equipment. Includes summary of the interpreter equipment and how to turn on.

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We will lease this for a year for about the cost of four rentals.

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