Audio visual hire

Microphone and audio visual hire for large events.  We have wireless and wired microphone rental. Our rental AV equipment is suitable for conferences and business meetings  We work with our clients and other AV companies to provide the sound equipment, cameras and other specialist items required for your international conference or events.

Our set-up of wired microphones, two interpreter booths and IR interpreting equipment – Sydney rental by Translationz. We supply rental translator equipment across Australia and the US. We can work with your AV company or supply a simple set up like this one.

Posted by Translationz – Translators and Interpreters on Monday, October 17, 2016

Sound proof interpreter booth rental

We have sound proof booths for foreign language translations available to rent.  We have a choice of full booths or table top versions.  We serve Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.  Our booths have been used for major conferences around Australia where translation services were required.  Some clients go for our full service where we provide the total package of interpreter booths, microphones and translation headsets., whereas others select just what they need.

Two person sound proof booth for translation
Translator Sound Proof Booth

Table Top Microphone Hire

Rent a wired push to talk microphone

Our wired conference microphone solution is suitable for conferences and meetings. Often referred to as Table Top Microphones or Push to Talk Microphones, they sit on the tabletop and are daisy-chained to the master controller. This solution is generally used in meetings where most delegates need a microphone.  The microphones are push to talk and includes the central control unit to allow for plug and play into your sound system. Our microphones have a built in speaker to ensure that participants can hear other participants.  In some instances, these ‘push-to-talk’ microphones can be used without an additional sound system.

This system is suitable for smaller meetings, boardrooms, and major conferences and exhibitions. We have used these microphones at major exhibition venues and conferences across Australia.

These microphones also integrate with our interpreter equipment. Our conference microphones also have video integration capabilities

Hire wireless microphones

Our wireless push to talk microphone solution have many of the capabilities of the wired solution.  They have a built in battery and need to be recharged at the end of each day.  Call us and we will discuss your needs and recommend the best solution.  This solution has multiple chairman microphones available as well as delegates.  The sound quality is excellent and at a recent major meeting, our AV partner replaced their wired solution with our wireless solution.Conference Microphone

Translation Equipment Hire

Conference Solutions

When you have an audience who speak different languages to the presenter, a conference translation solution should be considered.  Our conference translation equipment can be rented for a short time for over the duration of an event.  Our equipment can be used standalone or integrate into to your current sound system.  It also is plug and play with our microphone solutions.

Interpretation Equipment

We offer a range of solutions for our interpreter equipment rental.  The conference equipment is not always suitable to for smaller meetings and when there are breakout sessions.  Our portable interpreter equipment can be used in these situations. The portable equipment is cheaper and is suitable for tour groups and organisations where budget is tight.

Our Clients

Our clients are normally conference venues, hotels, and translation and interpreter services companies.



…or interpreter equipment:

Our range of interpreter equipment includes options suitable for large conferences, through to tour systems for small meetings and breakout sessions.

or equipment for church translation!